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24. Februar 2014
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Braukunst Live 2014

This weekend one of germany biggest craft beer festivals took place in Munich at the MVG Museum. I visited it on Saturday and would like to share my impressions with you.

First of all it was crowded and big, but the number and selection of breweries was really worth to visit. It was a good mix between craft beer status quo in germany and some very nice breweries from Europe and even worldwide. From European side there were booths from Mikkeller, Brouwerij de Molen, Brewfist, Brewdog and many others it was like heaven…

One of my favourite booths was the collective stand from one of germanies most creative and best craft beer brewers: Pax Bräu, Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei, Braukunstkeller, Ale Mania, Schoppe Bräu and Hopfenstopfer. I had a couple of IPA’s there but also a very nice spice bomb from Pax Bräu: “From Asia with love” – a double wit beer with a lot of spices. The ginger and chili was enormous.

Favorite beers from the festival

I mean, I had a couple of good beers – a lot of IPA’s, some Wheat and Wit bears, couple of stouts and a Pilsener from Mikkeller! But to name the most outstanding ones or which I liked the most – my favorites from that day:

Riedenburger Brauerei – Festival Stout: Maximilian Krieger from the riedenburger brewery created for the festival a special stout which was in my eyes outstanding. Hope he will bottle it soon, so that I don’t have to wait for the next craft beer festival.

Mikkeller – Beer geek breakfast: A stout with French press coffee. For a german beer lover quite impressive, but the taste is somehow unique and it really gives value to this beer style. Afterwards I checked and it has an incredible rating of 100/100 for overall and style. Checkout:

Nikl Bräu – Old Django: Glad that there were some Franconian as well at the fair. The old django from Mike Schmitt was great. Smells like “Willi” – a schnaps made out of William-Christ pears. You can buy his very nice beers at his web shop:

I made some pics from the event, if you want to see them all, check either my pinterest or facebook site

Can’t wait for the next event

Just to finish: Now I know what visits of football games at the stadium and craft beer festival have in common: the queuing for men’s toilets!



Riedenburger Brauerei - booth at Braukunst live

Riedenburger Brauerei – booth at Braukunst live

Stout with french press coffee

Mikkeller – beer geek breakfast - Stout with french press coffee

one germanies giggest craft beer events

one of germanies biggest craft beer events

booth at Braukunst live

Brewerij de Molen – booth at Braukunst live

Brewery booth at Braukunst live

Brewery booth at Braukunst live

Braukunst live booth by BrewDog

Braukunst live booth by BrewDog

booth from one of germanies best craft beer breweries

booth from one of germanies best craft beer breweries

Gigposter MUM & Calexico

31. Januar 2014
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Gigposter of the month: Patent Pending – MUM, Calexico & WHY?

Just because I named the category gigposter of the month, hope you didn’t took it literally and expected a post every month…

Anyway, this month selection is from one of my favorite studios: Patent Pending! A Seattle based design studio which is operating quite a while and made a couple of beautiful screenprints. The studio is run by Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux. Both have their own style, making gigposter. Todays selection was created by Jeff.  It is a silkscreen poster with an edition of 75. The show was at the showbox in Seattle, on July 2nd 2004

Besides cool rock poster, they also do quite remarkable movie poster. Especially the poster for “The Godfather”, “North by Northwest” and “The bridge on the River Kwai” are outstanding.

For me the MUM / Calexico  print was one of my first gigposters, which I added to my collection and  bought it at

Poster Cabaret is an Austin, Texas based gallery, specialized in gigposter and modern poster art. The webshop offers a wide range of poster. The service was always very good and they arrived in Germany at perfect condition.

Here you can find other stuff from Patent Pending:





Mum & Calexico Gigposter by Jeff Kleinsmith

Mum & Calexico Gigposter by Jeff Kleinsmith

Jeff Kleinsmith for Mum & Calexico

Jeff Kleinsmith for Mum & Calexico

Calxico & Mum Gigposter

Calxico & Mum Gigposter

5 Seidlas Steig

30. November 2013
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Small hikes with great beer (-garden)

Besides craft beer and gigposters (and football!!) hiking is one of my passions. But with a couple of small kids, the hikes are not that long at the moment, and focus is on beauty of the hike and available biergarten & craft beer along the way. So I will post some of my recommendations from time to time.


We start with a small hike from Weissenohe to Gräfenberg. It is either a 30min ride from Nuremberg up to the North. Or you take the train (Gräfenberg Bahn) wich took about one hour (but good investment, when you make use of the many nice biergarten around therer).


Either you do directly a first stop at the monastery brewery in Weissenohe or you pass it by and climb up the hill towards Gräfenberg. After a short walk through the forest, you reach the hill and have already a nice view about the fränkische Schweiz (franconian Switzerland).


The “5 Seidlas Steig”  (brewery hiking route)


You pass by some old cherry trees and then go down the hill towards Gräfenberg. It is the first section of the “5 Seidlas Steig”, a hiking trail which connects 5 breweries and is in total about 15km (for more details check: ). The plates for the trail are very good and you can hardly get misrouted. Arriving in Gräfenberg you should visit the Biergarten Bergschlösschen. It is high above the town and you have a beautiful view over the whole valley and can even see Nuremberg at the horizon. They have the Friedmann beer, I prefer the Helles. In Gräfenberg itself you can visit also the Lindenbräu Brewery with a small biergarten and a kind of brewery pub. All beers are really nice, but for me the Pilsener is the most stunning one (Whereas a lot of other people prefer the Vollbier).


Depends on the kids and yourself to continue the walk (2 more very breweries are waiting – Brauerei Hofmann and Elch Bräu), or you can take the train back to Nuremberg directly from Gräfenberg.

Enjoy your trip, and more hikes to come





View to the monastery in Weissenohe

View to the monastery in Weissenohe

The monastry brewery in Weissenohe

The brewery sign

30. September 2013
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Poster Exhibition: “100 beste Plakate 12” at Neues Museum, Nuremberg

I salute you poster lovers,

I made good use of my summer break and visited some nice exhibitions.

The most interesting one for poster geeks like me was the “100 beste Plakate 12” exhibition at the beautiful “Neues Museum” in Nuremberg (

Poster Exhibition in Nuremberg

Poster Exhibition in Nuremberg

The poster show is a yearly competition, which awards the best poster artwork in german speaking countries. They are touring across Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can been seen in various cities. If you are interested in their work, check out the official website:

There you can find the different exhibition stops, but also the award-winners from previous years.


I took photos from some of my favorites and was lucky to see, that at least one gigposter artist was represented: Märt Infanger from Switzerland!

If you want to see more from Märt’s art, visit his homepage

100 beste Plakate

Märt Infanger

Also the posters for the Reeperbahn Festival were awarded. Maybe some of you saw them already in Hamburg. I guess some of you visited at least the Flatstock Europe Poster Convention.

But in my opinion the gigposter scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has much more to offer. So next time more artist & screenprinters should apply for that competition. Maybe I give Douze from Dresden a hint. Pretty sure that he will compete successfully with his beautiful poster!



Hope you enjoy the photos




Award winner Theater Erlangen





12. Juli 2013
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Musicians love biergarten, too

The summer finally arrived in Franconia and it is time to visit some of our beautiful biergarten. And I’m not alone.

“The National” having a break in a bavarian biergarten

It seThe National in a biergarten in Regensburg, Bavariaems that some musicians make some good use of their time between the gigs, when they are in southern germany. One of my favorite bands “The National” recently posted a pic at facebook, having some craft beer in a beautiful biergarten in Regensburg. Do you know if they sing about biergartens in one of their songs? If not, I think they should do it next time – hope they read my posting…



Norwegian band loves biergarten tables

The norwegian party animals from KAKKMADDAFAKKA gave an interview to our local newspaper during their stay in Nuremberg at the Rock im Park festival.

They talked about biergarten tables and said they love them (me too!!). For them it is typical german and perfect for a good chat and the tables have just the right width to kiss a girl (new aspect, but they are right, never thought about it to bring this in conjunction with the table size; thought always it was our great franconian beer)

Kakkmaddafakka loves german biergarten

Foto: Thomas Becker

If you wanna check out some of nurembergs best biergartens yourself, a local newspaper just posted their top 10  biergarten in Nuremberg.

Unfortunately it is in german, and I don’t share their list completely. But following biergarten are worth a visit:

  •  “Kulturgarten” formerly “KOMM-Biergarten” close to the main station and directly at the castle wall. Very nice located.
  • “Kopernikusbiergarten” at the Krakauer Turm, which is also a cultural centre and emphasize the partnership between Cracow / Kraków and Nuremberg. Good polish food and Schnitzel
  • “Schnepperschuetz” – beautiful location, great food and beverage (I would say with a slow food & drink attitude). And I think only locals know what kind of building it has been before…

If you are searching for a nice biergarten outside the historic centre, I would recommend

  • “Schanzenbräu” in Nuremberg – Gostenhof; with the favorite craft beer from our town
  • “Engel” in Nuremberg – Schoppershof; with Schaueferle day on Wednesday (a real franconian speciality, great – if you love meat!)
  • “Desi” – in Nuremberg – St. Johannis; nice location with showing movies in an open air theatre at summertime or host alternative music concerts

If you you are interested in the whole open air movie program check:

Hope you enjoy a couple of handcrafted beers in your favorite biergarten. Recommendations from your side always welcome!

This time short post, I have to go to the biergarten…



Craft Beer

25. Juni 2013
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Craft beer testing close to the arctic circle

Long time no post, but I was up north with the whole family – in Iceland

Besides making vacation, visiting family and friends, I was also very hard working for this blog…

Because in addition to spectacular nature and a very vivid music scene, Iceland has much more to attract visitors from all over the world:

Craft beer, brewed with one of the best waters in the world.

The last couple of years, the Icelandic craft beer scene developed pretty fast. And even on international festivals the brewers brought home some of the most important prices within the world of beer (like BRIO from Borg Brugghus, which won the gold medal at the World Beer Cup 2012, for the category German-style Pilsener!!).

To get the full winner list, take a look here:

So while we were there, we took the chance to drink and test us through the huge variety of beers from this beautiful northern country.  The test crew: 2 females and 2 males – well mixed, but with 3 people who are relatively new to the craft beer scene – never tasted an IPA or imperial stout before. But all of us are well aware of the franconian beer scene, so that helped us to make it through the night. I don’t want to bother you with scores (which I don’t give a shit), but I want to share with you some of the impressions and let you know our winners.

The most reasonable beers from this evening:

Craft Beer


  “Ul Fur” (the wolf?) an IPA from Borg Brugghus – according to the label it has some GRRRR inside – whatever that is? Smell was very well received – taste OK, but difficult for our frankonian tongues…You might know, IPA hardly exist there.

“Gæðingur” (a good nag?) – we had the pale ale and the stout – the beer is coming from a small brewery from northern Iceland, close to Akureyri. The design of the bottles and label are beautiful. And next time I have to test their lager, because in all fairness I think I will not become a big stout or pale ale fan over the next years. But unfortunately they haven’t had it in the ATVR (like a liquor store) this time.

“Pils Organic” – a Pils from Viking – I mean it is organic, it is a Pils and it is brewed with Bavarian hop: 3 good reasons to go for that beer. But if I compare it for example with “Pils” from the brewery Hofmann, it is far away to become a reference. And I think if you name your beer like the whole category it should be in a way outstanding. So in this case you should take the Franconian Pils from Pahres, and not the Icelandic one!

“Einstök” (unique) – we had the Icelandic White Ale. It is brewed with orange peel and coriander – quite unusal if you come from the Country with the “Reinheitsgebot”. It might be the taste and smell or the late evening, but this beer created the most associations:

“like white sport socks and a golf cabriolet”

“reminds me of a tennis court”

“a Viking with sport socks”

“Lava” – a beer from the small brewery Olvisholt Brugghus: It is a Smoked Imperial Stout with 9,4% alcohol with 6 types of barley malt. Wow – do I have to say more? Really heavy stuff.

“a beer like chicken teriyaki”

“ smells like Meraner Kaminwurzn”  (a smoked sausage from Alto Adige, Italy)

“Freyja” – same brewery as above, but a wheat ale. It comes with Hallertau Hersbruck hop, which is just around the corner where we live. We especially were catched by the beautiful smell:

“like recently bathed elf”

“Brio” – Pils from Borg Brugghus; very clear and straight forward. For me as beerlover from Franconia / Bavaria still very very unusual to have a craft beer in a tin. This is at my home only ‘reserved’ for the cheap beer.

craft beer from iceland

craft beer testing

In addition to the Icelandic beer, we brought our favorite beer from our hometown as a present. Not judged within the competition– just for the good taste in-between!

„Schanze Rot und Schanze Hell“ – from Schanzenbräu, Nürnberg – Gostenhof. We love it!

After a long and enjoyable evening we finally had our personal champs.

Women choice clearly was Einstöck  - a refreshing summer beer

Our overall winner was Brio – pure, honest & straight forward

And because this blog is about beer and artwork, we also announced a special price for packaging & label: which goes to Gæðingur

So I think next vacation we should verify our testing results on spot…



craft beer crew

icelandic beer

Casey Burns' Sonic Youth giposter - framed

10. Juni 2013
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Gigposter of the month

Casey Burns – Sonic Youth

When I started collecting gigposters, my main questions were: where can I buy the prints and how do the posters look framed and in reality?

You might have similar questions – at least my other collector’s friends have it. Therefore I introduce the gigposter of the month rubric. Where you can find the posters in their natural environment: Framed and at someone’s home. Additionally I will share with you my different purchasing sources over the coming posts.

Casey Burns is breaking the ground for this new rubric with a print for one of the legends of alternative music: Sonic Youth

It is a three color screenprint with a run of 160 copies for the 2009 concert of Sonic Youth in Salt Lake City.

Personally I like the settings of space, lettering and painting. Also the coloring is very nice, in blue and yellow pastel shades. You should also check out the other prints from Casey. My favorites are the ones he did for Spoon and Sonic Youth (the woman on horse is fantastic!)

I bought this print at but it seems to be out of stock, but maybe you can still find some copies in Casey’s webshop here:

Hope you enjoyed the gigposter choice of this month. Stay tuned for the next selection.




Casey Burns' Sonic Youth giposter - framed

Casey Burns’ Sonic Youth giposter – framed

Casey Burns - Close up couple

Casey Burns – Close up couple

Casey Burns - Close up cigarette

Casey Burns – Close up cigarette

Sonic Youth gigposter

Casey Burns – Close up beer



Why gigposters & craft beer?

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well, the first and shortest answer is: I’m addicted to both!

The screenprints are a beautiful opportunity to collect affordable art. And I will provide you in the upcoming posts with some examples how much craftsmanship you can find in music posters.

In the US there are not only some single artists that are using screen prints and music poster as an expression for their art, but it’s a whole movement. You can explore hundreds of artists on the web, at different exhibitions and galleries (online & offline) and even in several documentaries (such as ‘Just like being there’ or ‘American artifact’).

And this movement is coming to Europe! You can explore this at the Flatstock Europe or some other exhibitions on the old continent. In addition to this, more and more gigposter artists are established in Europe and coming from Germany, UK and Spain.

Furthermore I see a lot of parallels between the craft beer scene and the screen printing scene. From a European point of view – and especially from a German perspective – this might sound a little bit bizarre. But when you take a closer look – what started in the US and now spill over the ocean – you will see that both movements started from an alternative living form and point out the craftsmanship of their doing. They live the thoughts about the community either in sharing ideas (ore recipes), try out new things and share the experiences either at real events or via the web.

Just to underline this connection I share some pics with you, were some of the best gigposter artists made some prints with craft beer in it.


This beautiful print is from Dan Grzeca, you still might get it in his webshop Alle Bilder anschauen →

Diese Galerie enthält 4 Bilder

14. Mai 2013
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I salute you…

…craft beer lovers, gigposters collectors and biergarten hikers!

happy to share with you my first post. In the upcoming weeks you will find here lot more about all my favourite topics gigposter and craft beer. so stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.